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OLAS Chapter 19: A new beginning – III

The cool night air wrapped around me as I stepped onto the balcony, a gentle breeze carrying the sweet scent of blooming flowers. Below me, the garden sprawled out in a vibrant tapestry of colors. Moonlight bathed the white stone statues, making them glow softly amidst the foliage. Fountains gurgled serenely, their water catching the light and sending ripples of silver across their surfaces.

I leaned on the marble balustrade, taking in the sight of the garden. Flowers of every hue painted the landscape—roses, lilies, and blossoms I couldn’t even name. The air was heavy with their fragrance, mingling with the crisp freshness of the night. The gentle rustling of leaves accompanied the distant chirping of crickets, creating a symphony of nature.

Beyond the garden, the city lights twinkled like a thousand stars, casting a warm, golden glow into the night. From afar, faint strains of music floated up, filling the night with joy. I could almost see the people dancing in the streets, their laughter and joy carried on the wind.

I lifted my gaze to the sky, my breath catching at the sight. Stars dotted the heavens, more numerous and brilliant than I’d ever seen. The moon hung full and luminous, casting a silvery light over everything, turning the night into a world of shadows and ethereal beauty.

In the distance, the jagged peaks of mountains loomed against the horizon, their dark silhouettes stark against the starlit sky. I followed the line of the mountains down to where they met the sea. Even from this distance, I could see the moon’s reflection shimmering on the water, a path of light stretching towards the horizon.

Surprisingly, I could catch the faint scent of salt on the breeze, the tang of the ocean reaching me even here. Everything seemed more vivid, more alive than I had ever experienced. The colors, the scents, the sounds—they all reached me with an intensity that was almost surreal. It was incredible how clearly I could see everything. The tiniest details stood out, from the ripples in the water to the individual petals on the flowers. The salty scent of the sea was so strong, it felt as though I could reach out and touch the waves.

I breathed deeply, letting the myriad scents and sounds of the night wash over me. The terrace, the garden, the distant city, the sky—they were all beautiful in a way I had never appreciated before. And for a moment, I allowed myself to simply exist in this perfect, serene night.

The day had been a blur of challenges and small victories. I spent hours relearning how to walk, my legs still unsteady but improving with each step. Along the way, I managed to knock over and break several pieces of furniture and priceless relics, much to Selene’s dismay. She rushed to salvage whatever she could, carefully picking up the broken remains of a delicate vase or a fallen statuette. I must have knocked over half a dozen vases, each crash echoing in my ears like a personal failure. But every misstep, every piece of shattered porcelain, was worth it. By the end of the day, I could stand without swaying. My legs were steadier, my steps more confident.

As the cool night air settled around me, my thoughts drifted to my friends. Gareth, Galadel and Elurin. Were they safe? Were they looking for me? I could almost hear Gareth’s laugh, see Galadel’s kind eyes, and feel Elurin’s reassuring presence beside me. I miss them so much!

I missed my family in Príbora as well. My mother and father, with their warm smiles and loving embraces. My sister Brylla, whose laughter and bickering filled our home with life. I had learned to love the beauty and majesty of Eshelean , but the simplicity and peace of my old life called to me. I missed the warmth of our home, the familiar faces of my neighbors, and the rhythm of daily life that had once seemed so mundane but now felt precious.

These thoughts led me to Maeglor and his father. Amid all the chaos and upheaval, I had nearly forgotten about Elurin’s elven messenger. Imedhen had sent him to warn Brylla about Maeglor and the dragons. Had the messenger reached her? Had the warning been delivered?

As the night deepened, I let out a sigh, the cool breeze ruffling my hair. The beauty of the terrace, the garden, and the distant sea was a small comfort, a reminder that despite everything, I was still here. I took another deep breath, savoring the mix of floral and salty sea air, and tried to hold onto the hope that my friends and family were safe.

The dress I wore was a masterpiece of fashion.The bodice, a soft shade of pale blue, shimmered under the soft light, adorned with an intricate floral texture that seemed to dance with each step I took. Sleeveless, it left my shoulders bare, and a circular opening rested just above my breasts. The skirt, in a very light gray, almost white, was pleated with vertical lines that added to its fluid appearance. My long hair was half-up, styled with side braids that framed my face with the grace of a fae princess, while the rest fell in loose waves down my back.

A breeze whispered through the night, teasing my dress, causing it to ripple softly against my legs. As I stood there, lost in thought, I suddenly felt a presence behind me. I knew who it was even before he spoke.

“You’re awake,” Rohan said, his tone a mix of relief and something deeper, something that sent a thrill through me.

I turned slowly, my heart racing. Seeing him after so long, after everything that had happened, was almost overwhelming. There he was, standing in the soft glow of the moonlight, looking just as strong and handsome as I remembered—the chiseled line of his jaw, the way his dark hair curled slightly around his forehead, and the piercing intensity of his blue-gray eyes. He was a vision more breathtaking than any painting I had ever seen. His presence seemed to fill the terrace, his scent—a blend of cedarwood and something uniquely his—wafting through the cool night air, wrapping around me like a comforting embrace.

I took a step toward him, but my legs, still unsteady, betrayed me. I stumbled, and before I could fall, Rohan was there, his arms wrapping around me, holding me close. The warmth of his body seeped into mine, and I felt the steady beat of his heart against my chest.

There was a charged silence between us, an electric tension that crackled in the air. The scent of him was stronger now, enveloping me completely, making my head spin. His touch was firm yet gentle, his eyes locked onto mine with an intensity that made my breath catch.

“Careful,” he murmured, his voice teasing. “Selene mentioned that you nearly destroyed the room today.”  His words were playful, but his gaze was serious, burning with something that made my pulse quicken.

A blush crept up my cheeks, both from embarrassment and the closeness of him. “I…I might have knocked over a few things,” I admitted, my hands clutching his sleeves for support. The fabric of his shirt was smooth and cool under my fingertips, contrasting with the heat radiating from his skin. “Relearning to walk isn’t easy.”

He smiled, a slow, knowing smile that made my heart flutter. “And you succeeded,” he replied. “Even if you did break a few things in the process.”

I couldn’t help but smile back, feeling a warmth spread through me. “I missed you,” I confessed, my voice trembling slightly.

Rohan’s expression softened, his hand lifting to gently brush a strand of hair from my face. His touch left a trail of warmth in its wake. “And I, you,” he said, his voice dropping to a husky whisper. “You have no idea how much.”

The closeness of him, the heat of his body against mine, was intoxicating. I felt a powerful pull toward him, a longing that I could no longer deny. As I looked into his eyes, I saw everything I had missed, everything I had dreamed of during those long months of sleep. And in that moment, nothing else mattered.


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