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Mate Bond

It’s no longer a secret that Aerin and Rohan are Truemates. It’s something like Soulmates. Finding your mate is very rare. Rohan felt something the moment he saw her near the lake that night at Dovahshiral. However, he only suspects that she is his mate. He’s not sure of anything. It’s very subtle. Aerin, on the other hand, knows nothing about it. But it’s clear that she felt attracted to him from the very first moment.

But being someone’s mate doesn’t mean they have to fall in love. It just means they make an excellent match. Together they are stronger, the marriage will be better, their children will be stronger…

Aerin is already in love. Rohan is falling in love. (he is already in love)  Because of this connection, one feels when the other is near and also when one needs help (if there’s nothing blocking it). Both their powers get stronger when they’re together. (Bad news for Murtagh).

Rohan will only be sure when the bond snaps into place. (This just happened. XD Although only he knows what happened. Aerin didn’t understand anything.)

Since Aerin is half-faerie, she doesn’t feel this “pull” of the bond. And Rohan feels it in a very subtle way, precisely because she is half-faerie.  (Aerin is a pure high fae now)

The phases:

Suspecting : Initially, the male starts suspecting the existence of the bond.

Bond Snapping : The bond snaps into place, making the male aware of its presence. It’s like fitting puzzle pieces together—when proximity or circumstances align, the bond becomes fully recognized.

Acceptance: Once the bond is accepted, the male’s desire intensifies, leading to a strong connection.

When Aerin accepts, they will probably spend the whole day having sex. XD And from what I understand, it’s something that goes back to the fae ancestors where they did this to impregnate the female.

So, an update.

Chapter 19. The bond snapped into place. Aerin felt it, but didn’t understand. Rohan knows exactly what happened.

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