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OLAS Chapter 19: A new beginning – V

As our kiss deepened, I felt a sense of peace settle over me. Whatever challenges lay ahead, we would face them together. And in that moment, I knew that our love was strong enough to overcome any obstacle. In that kiss, I found my strength, my courage, my love. In that kiss, I found my home.

Rohan’s lips moved with a growing intensity, his hands tracing a path down my back, sending shivers through me. I clung to him, losing myself in the sensation of his mouth on mine. Every kiss, every touch was a promise of love, of passion, of unwavering commitment.

His hand slid up to cup my breast over my corset, his touch both gentle and insistent. The sensation sent a jolt of electricity through me, and I gasped against his lips, my body responding with a wave of desire. I moaned softly, arching into his touch, my breath quickening as I felt the heat pooling in my core.

“Rohan,” I breathed, his name escaped my lips as a desperate plea. My hips moved instinctively, pressing against the hard muscle of his thigh. The friction was maddening, a delicious torture that had me trembling with need.

He groaned, a raw sound that vibrated through his chest and into mine. “Fuck, Aerin,” he whispered hoarsely against my ear, his breath hot and heavy.

With a sudden, urgent motion, he lifted me into his arms. The world spun around me as he carried me inside, our movements swift and fueled by an insatiable desire. The room blurred, my focus solely on the man holding me, on the heat of his body against mine.

Once inside, he set me down carefully, but the moment my feet touched the floor, I wobbled and I almost fell. However, Rohan was quick to catch me, his arms wrapped tightly around my trembling form, steadying me with a firm but gentle grip.

I blushed, feeling a bit embarrassed. “Thank you,” I said softly, my cheeks warm. “I’m getting better at this walking thing, I promise.”

He chuckled. “Take your time,” he replied, his eyes twinkling with a mixture of amusement and affection. “There’s no rush. I’ll always be here to catch you.”

His words melted the last of my insecurities, and I smiled up at him, grateful for his patience, his strength, his unwavering support. We stood there for a moment, our breaths mingling in the soft glow of the moonlight filtering through the curtains, each of us lost in the promise of what was to come.

Rohan’s hand remained on my arm, steadying me, his thumb brushing lightly over my skin. It was a simple touch, but it spoke volumes, a silent promise that he would always be there for me.

He looked into my eyes, searching for any hint of hesitation. “Are you sure about this, Aerin?” he asked, his voice low and filled with concern.

I nodded, my hands moving behind me to untie the laces of my corset. “Yes, Rohan. I’m sure. I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life.”

With a quick, practiced motion, I loosened the corset and let it fall to the floor. Rohan’s eyes darkened with desire as he watched me, his own hands moving to unbuckle the leather belt at his waist. The sound of the belt hitting the marble floor echoed through the room.

“Your mother…” he began, his voice trailing off, but the implication was clear.

“This is my life,” I said firmly, my fingers tugging at the sleeves of my dress. “My decisions.” I slid one side of the dress off my shoulder, then the other, until the fabric pooled around my feet, leaving me standing there in nothing but my panties.

The cool night air brushed against my bare skin, sending a shiver that ran down my back. The moonlight bathed me in its soft glow, highlighting the freckles scattered across my fair skin. Rohan’s gaze wandered over my body, lingering on my breasts with their hardened nipples from the chilly air. He studied every curve and mark, making me blush under his intense scrutiny.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered, awe evident in his voice.

A shy smile played on my lips as I looked into his tender gaze. It made me feel vulnerable, yet loved at the same time. Maeglor had never looked at me like this, never made me feel like more than a means to an end. But with Rohan, everything was different. He saw me, truly saw me, and it made my heart race.

Rohan pulled his tunic over his head and tossed it aside, the fabric making a soft rustling sound. A swirling thorn tattoo decorated his chest, standing out against his sun-kissed skin. He sat on the edge of the bed, removing his boots one by one, each thud against the marble floor resonating in the quiet room. I watched him, mesmerized by the way his muscles moved, each movement graceful and powerful.

He stood up again, his hands moving to the waistband of his pants. The sound of the fabric sliding down his legs was almost hypnotic. As he kicked them aside, I couldn’t help but admire the perfection of his form, as if he had been sculpted by the gods themselves.

Rohan caught me staring and smirked, a teasing glint in his eyes. “Enjoying the view?” he asked, his tone playful and self-assured.

Heat spread across my cheeks, and I couldn’t hide the grin that tugged at my lips. “Maybe a little,” I admitted.

A low chuckle escaped him as he stood in front of me, dressed only in his boxers. The fabric stretched tightly over the well-defined muscles of his thighs, showcasing his perfectly sculpted body. It was a work of art, every line and contour perfect.

Rohan stepped closer to me, his calloused hands reaching up to undo the delicate braids adorning my hair. As he worked, he murmured softly, “You look even more enchanting like this.” His fingers were gentle as they released the last of the braids, my hair cascading around my shoulders in soft waves. He ran his hands through it, his touch sending shivers through me.

I lay back on the soft bed, my heart racing with anticipation. Rohan joined me, his body warm and solid next to mine. He leaned over, his lips capturing mine in a slow, lingering kiss. I opened my mouth to him, welcoming his tongue as it explored, deepening the kiss with a burning intensity. Each stroke of his tongue sent waves of heat through me, making me arch closer to him.

His lips trailed down my jawline, planting soft kisses along my neck and shoulder. I sighed, the sensation of his lips on my skin sending electric pulses through my body. His hands caressed my breasts, his thumbs brushing over my nipples before he took one into his mouth. He kissed one nipple, then the other, his tongue flicking over the sensitive peaks. When he took one into his mouth and sucked, I couldn’t hold back the gasp that escaped me, my back arching off the bed in response.

Rohan’s kisses continued down my body, a tantalizing trail of heat and desire. He paused at my stomach, his lips pressing against my skin, making my breath hitch. He moved lower, kissing my inner thigh with a teasing slowness that made me whimper. I shivered in anticipation, my body quivering with need.

He looked up at me, with a primal hunger that made my heart race. Rohan’s lips pressed against the most sensitive part of my body, his playful tongue teasing through the fabric of my panties, tracing a tantalizing line along the edges.

The sensation was so unexpected, so intense, that I let out a loud moan. My hips moved instinctively towards his mouth, craving more. Rohan smiled against me, his fingers hooking into the sides of my underwear and slowly sliding them down my legs.

The cool air against my exposed skin made me shiver, but it was quickly replaced by the heat of his mouth. He kissed me there, his tongue exploring and teasing, making me cry out his name. “Roh..han!”

I trembled under his touch, his fingertips exploring the sensitive flesh between my legs. When he plunged a finger inside me, I cried out in ecstasy. His movements were slow and deliberate, his eyes locked on mine, watching every reaction. My hips moved in rhythm with his caresses, my hands clutching the sheets as I moaned his name over and over again.


Rohan moved over me, his weight pressing me into the mattress. “What is it, darling?” he asked, his voice low and teasing.

I could feel the hard length of him through his underwear, pressing insistently against me. I moaned softly, my hands sliding down to the waistband of his boxers. “I want you,” I whispered, my voice trembling with need. “I want to feel you inside me… now.”

He chuckled softly. “As you wish, love.

Rohan groaned as I tugged at his boxers, helping him to remove them. He shifted, sliding out of his underwear and tossing them aside.

Rohan’s eyes burned with desire as he settled between my legs. I could feel the hard length of him pressing insistently against my core, and my breath hitched in anticipation. Slowly, I opened my legs wider to accommodate him, feeling the weight and heat of his body as he positioned himself.

He entered me with a deliberate slowness, each inch stretching and claiming me as his own. A gasp of pleasure escaped my lips, and I met his gaze. His expression was a portrait of raw desire, his brows furrowed in concentration, lips parted as he breathed heavily. His eyes, darkened with unbridled ecstasy, burned into mine, reflecting the intensity of the moment. As he pushed deeper inside, a primal growl escaped his throat, sending delicious shivers coursing through every nerve.

“Gods, Aerin,” he groaned, his voice rough with passion. His movements were slow at first, deliberate, allowing us both to savor every sensation. My hands roamed his back, feeling the ripple of his muscles beneath my fingertips. His hips moved with a steady rhythm, and I matched his pace, meeting each thrust with a roll of my own hips.

Our breaths mingled, the room filled with the sounds of our union—moans, gasps, the rhythmic slap of skin against skin. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him closer, deeper. My fingers tangled in his dark hair, and I felt the delicious friction building inside me, spiraling higher with each movement.

“Rohan…” I moaned his name, my voice trembling with raw need. He responded with a deep groan that reverberated through me, his pace quickening, each thrust more urgent and powerful. He kissed me again, his lips crashing against mine with a possessive hunger. Our mouths moved together with a feverish intensity, his tongue delving deeply, exploring, tangling with mine.

His lips trailed along my jawline, leaving a burning path down my neck, each kiss more heated and demanding than the last.When he nipped at the sensitive skin of my shoulder, I gasped, the sensation sending waves of pleasure straight to my core.

I arched into him, my body instinctively seeking more of his touch, lost in the overwhelming sensations. His hands roamed over my body, exploring every curve, and I responded with desperate eagerness, my fingers digging into his back, urging him on. Each movement, each touch, felt like a spark igniting the fire within me, consuming me entirely in our shared passion.

Then a sudden, deep pull in my chest, like a thread tightening between us. I gasped, my eyes flying open to see Rohan’s own filled with surprise. For a moment, I glowed softly, an ethereal light emanating from my skin, and the room around us transformed.

What in the world…?

Shadows gathered, dark and thick, forming the backdrop of a night sky, while tiny, shimmering lights—like stars—danced around us. It was as if we were floating in a celestial realm.

What’s happening? We did this?

Swirling shadows and starlight.

Rohan’s eyes were wide, his own surprise evident, but he didn’t stop. The night sky illusion faded, and I was left with the lingering wonder of what had just occurred. His hips drove into me with renewed vigor, and I could feel the climax building within me, the pressure becoming almost unbearable.

“Rohan… I…I’m close,” I whispered, my voice trembling. His response was to thrust harder, his own breath ragged. He kissed me with an intensity that left me breathless, his lips trailing down my neck again, his teeth grazing my skin, sending electric shocks of pleasure through me.

I arched my back, our bodies moving in perfect synchrony. His hand found mine, our fingers intertwining as he gazed into my eyes. “I love you,” he murmured.

“I love you too,” I managed to say, my voice breaking with pleasure. His movements became erratic, faster, and I felt myself teetering on the edge. As he thrust deeply, I cried out his name, my body convulsing in ecstasy as I reached my climax, a wave of euphoria crashing over me like a storm. My nails dug into his shoulder, my other hand tightly intertwined with his, our fingers locked together, anchoring us both in the intensity of the moment.

I felt him shudder above me, his own release following close behind. His face contorted with pleasure, his eyes squeezed shut. One hand gripped mine tightly, the other clutching the sheet beneath us. The fabric bunching with the force of his grip. His body tensed, his back arching like a drawn bow, and then he let go, his head falling forward as he exploded inside me. An intense, guttural groan ripped from his throat, reverberating through the room. I felt every inch of him pulsing inside me, his warmth spreading through my body with each release.

He collapsed on top of me, our skin was damp with sweat, our breaths coming in shallow gasps. My body quivered beneath his, spent and aching in all the best ways. We stayed tangled together, soaking up the warmth of our passion as it slowly faded.

I could still feel the remnants of that strange pull in my chest, and the memory of the magic that had surrounded us lingered in my mind. But for now, all that mattered was the male in my arms and the love we shared.

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