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OLAS Chapter 19: A new beginning – VI [FINAL]

Our bodies lay intertwined, naked and embraced, as our breathing slowly returned to normal. I felt Rohan’s strong chest rise and fall beneath my head, the sound of his heartbeat steadily calming me. Lazily, I began to trace the intricate tattoo that adorned his chest, following the contours with the tips of my fingers. Rohan leaned down and kissed the top of my head.

“That was epic,” I panted, still catching my breath from the intensity of our lovemaking. “I had no idea it could be like that.”

He smiled, that cocky smile I was beginning to know so well. “I have many talents,” he replied with a wink.

With a playful giggle, I playfully smacked his toned abs. “Idiot,” I teased, my insult full of adoration.

Propping myself up on my elbows, I gazed at him with a sparkle in my eyes. “What you did with your fingers…” I began, feeling a slight blush rise to my cheeks. “It was… amazing. Maeglor… he just possessed me. I thought that was all there was.”

Rohan’s face darkened with a deep anger at the mention of Maeglor. “I would have killed that bastard if I could,” he growled, the intensity in his eyes making my heart race. “If he ever touches a hair on your head again, I’ll kill him.”

I placed a finger gently over his lips, silencing his outburst. “It’s all right now,” I whispered with a gentle strength, trying to soothe him. Leaning in, I placed a feather-light kiss on his lips, the tension slowly melting away under my touch.

He caressed my face, his fingers tracing the curve of my cheek. His thumb paused at the corner of my mouth, lightly brushing over my lips, as he gazed at me with love and tenderness in his eyes.

“Did…did our magic create that beautiful illusion of the night sky?” I asked, my brow furrowed in curiosity.

“Yes,” he replied, but there was something in his eyes that made me realize he was hiding something.Before I could press him for answers, he silenced me with a tender kiss, gentle and delicate like snowflakes drifting from the sky.

“We need to rest and recharge,” he said with a playful grin. “Knowing Umbra and Selene, they’ll likely burst in here at dawn, and I’d rather not give them the pleasure of witnessing our private moments.”

I was too tired to insist, so I just snuggled closer to him, feeling his warmth and comfort. Rohan pulled the blanket over both of us, wrapping me in his strong arms protectively. The world seemed distant and irrelevant as I rested in his embrace, feeling finally safe and loved.

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