Rating :  🔞
🔥❤️Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Romance
 ⚠️ NSFW/Smut!! 18+ ONLY !! ⚠️

As darkness looms over the enchanted forests of the Faerie region, in a world divided between elves, humans, and fey, Aerin, a young elf, has her idyllic life shattered when she is kidnapped by her ex-lover. Determined to escape, she finds herself alone in the heart of the faerie forest, where she meets friends and allies who help her discover her true powers. Together, they embark on an epic journey of danger and magic as they fight to save their beloved homeland from powerful and malevolent forces. But the journey is not without its challenges, as the relationship between the races is fraught with anger, prejudice, and mistrust. Aerin learns the depth of her own strength and courage as she battles to overcome the challenges that lie ahead, and may even find true love along the way.