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  • Valythian – The world
  • Silúrya – Main continent
  • Eshelean – Magic Region (faes)
  • The small continent of Eregserin. Where  is it located a Dark fortress called Morodoim.
  • Andelyon – Elves’s region
  • Blackcrystal Wood
  • Numérya – Rohan’s fave city
  • AlandrysRohan’s realm
  • Príbora – Aerin city (elven)
  • Friblord – Human city (Gareth)
  • A range of massive mountains called the Spine mark the edge of the lands of Rohan.
  • Black Ash mountain – The highest and most dangerous mountain. Its rocks are jet-black. It locates near the coast of the Misty Sea.
  • The Crossed Swords – A big and famous tavern located in the city of Príbora.
  • The Pilgrim and ShieldA good and expensive Inn located in Príbora on Crystalcrown Street, east of a colossal silver tree. The inn is a two-storey timber and brick building, with elf-wrought tables and chairs. It has several stained glass windows and It is brightly lit by magical candles and crystal chandeliers. Accomodations consist of several large rooms with beds and feather mattresses. The innkeeper is a tall male elf named Gavryan. He is a retired soldier, and keeps a well-used mace at his belt.
  • The Blue Bladea cheaper Inn located in Príbora In a market district, surrounded by crowded streets and active marketplaces. The street outside is filled with the scent of incense and exotic spices. The innkeeper is a tall female elf named Ebriariel.
  • The Pink Pearla brothel in Pribora.
  • House of Snowflakes – a brothel in Alandrys.
  • The Broken Shield – a very good Taverna/Inn in Alandrys.
  • The Blue Chariot -A small and cozy Inn in Alandrys.
  • Forest of Ereglond – Queen Eryone’s kingdom
  • Rívoen – where Queen Eryone’s palace is located.
  • Uden – In the past part of the mainland of Silúrya, now an island. An abandoned, empty land, where nothing grows. Place where evil creatures once dwelt before they were defeated.
  • The small citadel of Itria – Place where the only elves in the region live. Also called fairy friends.
  • The Dark Marshes are said to be haunted.
  • Dortharlond – where Queen Elyel’s palace is located.



Itria – Elves that live in the fae region. They are called fairy friends. And they are not welcome in elven lands outside the borders of the fey lands. (Líder: Galadel Aerladrim)
Tiberium – elven big city
Aramoor – High fae king Elegil Torondir, the Ashen Star. *
Thadria – High fae King Helius Syllevel *
EgiosHigh fae King Erolan Celathil, The Red Blade. —
Londoriath High fae Queen Herladriel, The Kind. *
EregiondHigh fae King Arnoh and queen Ariadne —
Thellondë – High fae king Celionas Harmadrim, The one-eyed king. * *



  • The Castle of Shattered Souls , Minas irel ← Possible ruins
  • The Tower of Athamad
  • Blackmoor Tower
  • Port Silverstone




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