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The Scamanders

Chapter 3 – Part 6


The three friends were running desperately. They could hear the sharp screeches of the creatures behind them, getting closer and closer.

“We can’t keep running like this,” said Pip, panting. “We have to hide or fight.”

They looked around, searching for a place to take cover. That’s when they spotted a large rock. They threw themselves behind it, trying to hide from the creatures’ view.

“I can use my magic to make us invisible,” said Pip, closing his eyes as he focused his powers.

An illusion cloak wrapped around the three of them, making them disappear.

As they waited, the Scamanders appeared, sniffing the air with their sharp noses. They were tall, skeletal creatures with sharp claws and teeth. Their red eyes shone in the darkness of the forest and their dark scales glinted in the sunlight. They sniffed the air, trying to find the three hidden friends. Their eyes shone with sinister malice as they approached the rock.

Aerin trembled in fear, imagining how dangerous these creatures were. She had never encountered such a hideous and sinister creature before. But after a moment of tension, the Scamanders finally moved away, and Pip released the illusion cloak. He was a little weak from the effort, but they knew they couldn’t stay there. The danger was still present, and they needed to get out of the clearing as quickly as possible. But when they were leaving the clearing, one of the Escamaders came back and appeared from behind the trees. It let out a shrill sound and took a powerful leap, landing on top of Aerin. It looked at the girl, showing its sharp teeth and claws, ready to tear her apart.

Aerin screamed, paralyzed with fear as the creature prepared to attack her. She could feel the creature’s fetid breath on her face and its claws scratching the ground beside her. But then, suddenly, the Scamander was pushed away from her, as if it had been pushed by an invisible force. It shrieked in surprise and anger, turning to face its enemy. It was Pip, using his magic to help her.

“Run!” he shouted to his friends. “I’ll try to hold this thing here for a few minutes”.

“What?” Aerin asked, dazed in despair. “No!” she yelled, refusing to leave her friend behind to face the creature alone.

Galadel shot a series of arrows at the creature. The Scamander fell to the ground, but still moved. The elf knew that the arrows wouldn’t be enough to kill the monster, but they could slow it down. He picked up Pip in his arms, carrying him as they ran as fast as possible. Aerin ran alongside them, looking back with fear as the Scamander struggled to get up. But they were gaining distance. They kept running, hearing the creature’s screeches behind them.

After a few moments of tension, they finally managed to escape the monster. They ran as fast as they could, trying to put as much distance as possible between them and the Scamander. Then they came across a river blocking their way.

“Galadel, the river!” Aerin said, distressed. “What are we going to do?”

The elf looked at the river, evaluating the depth and current. He knew it wouldn’t be easy to cross, but he also knew they couldn’t stay there.

“We’ll try to cross it,” he said, putting Pip on his back. “There’s no other option.”

They started to cross the river, struggling against the current. The water was cold and tossing them around, but they continued to move forward, determined to reach the other side. When they finally reached the other side, Galadel sat Pip on the ground and he and Aerin fell on the grass of the bank. The three of them were exhausted and wet, but they were still alive.

“I can’t believe we escaped,” said Aerin, breathless.

“Yes, but we have to move,” said Galadel. He looked at Aerin, worried. “Are you injured?”

She shook her head. “No, I don’t think so.”

“Good,” he said, sighing with relief. “Let’s keep going, but slowly. We need a place to rest.”

They stood up, trying to catch their breath as they moved forward, away from the sinister creatures.

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