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The heavy atmosphere in the vast hall grew even colder as Ororfin led some prisoners into the room. His demeanor was icy, as he placed them in a line, each one visibly trembling, fear in their eyes.

The High Lord approached with a deliberate, lethal calm, and his expression was a frozen mask, as if carved from the winter’s first frost. Hatred glimmered in his stormy, steel-blue eyes as he stood before the prisoners, lined up in a row. They trembled and their pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears.

He moved from one to the next, infiltrating and shattering their minds. The prisoners, one by one, crumpled under the merciless weight of his power, their minds splintering like glass under his iron will. Their bodies went limp, their eyes vacant, and they drooled uncontrollably, displaying the physical distress caused by his invasion.

Rohan executed this grim task without a flicker of emotion, a hint of hesitation, or a shred of remorse. It was carried out with grim satisfaction as he watched the prisoners succumb to his relentless will. And as their minds splintered, their lives were extinguished, leaving them lifeless and motionless on the cold, unforgiving ground.

The soldiers of the Moon Court watched the scene with approving smiles. Helius, focused on cleaning his sword, paid little attention. Elegil and Beltharion, on the other hand, couldn’t help but feel a tinge of discomfort at the cold, methodical nature of Rohan’s actions. However, they remained silent, understanding the necessity of it all.

One of the prisoners, however, had a glint of desperation in his eyes. He looked at Rohan with a pleading expression and said in a shaky voice. “Please, spare me. Spare me and I will tell you everything. Everything you want to know. I know things. Secrets. Plans. Names. Locations. I can be useful to you. I can help you. Just don’t kill me. Please.”

Rohan’s eyes narrowed as he heard the prisoner’s words. He leaned closer to him and said in a cold tone. “You think you can bargain with me? You think you have anything to offer me? You are a fool, a coward. You have nothing that I want or need. You have nothing that can save you from my wrath.”

He reached into the prisoner’s mind and scanned his memories, his thoughts, his feelings. He saw everything that the prisoner knew: lies, schemes, betrayals, plots. He saw nothing that interested him or surprised him.

He pulled back and said “You are right. You do know things. Things that are worthless and boring. Things that I already know or don’t care about. Things that won’t change anything.”

Then a spark of defiance ignited in the prisoner’s eyes. He glared at Rohan with contempt and spat out a curse. “You may kill me, but you will never break me. You are a monster, a coward. You hide behind your shadows! You think you’re invincible, but you’re not. One day, someone will rise up and challenge you. And you will fall. You will fall hard and fast. And I will laugh from the other side.”

Rohan’s lips curled into a cruel smile as he heard the prisoner’s defiant words. He leaned in closer, his voice dripping with mockery. “Oh, really? And who will that someone be? You? Your pathetic allies? Your imaginary friends? Don’t make me laugh. You have no idea who I am or what I can do. See these shadows?” The grand hall was abruptly swallowed by an icy, impenetrable darkness. “They are my friends. They are my allies. They are my weapons. And they will make you beg for mercy before I end your miserable life.”

With a surge of power, Rohan delved into the prisoner’s mind, unleashing his full force upon him. The prisoner screamed in agonizing torment as Rohan tore apart his memories, thoughts, and emotions. He experienced everything Rohan had ever felt: pain, loss, anger, betrayal, and profound loneliness. Rohan’s wrath consumed him from the inside out.

The prisoner’s lifeless body crashed to the ground with a thud. Rohan looked down at him with disdain and uttered, “Let’s see how you like the dark now. ”

He calmly walked away, his expression undisturbed. He didn’t spare a glance at the lifeless bodies.

He did what he had to do and he savored every moment of it.

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