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Although I confess that Rohan is inspired by Rhysand. I just realized that the names accidentally ended up looking like Aelin and Rowan. 😃 Total coincidence. 😅

I know the characters, even though I’ve never read Throne of Glass.

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  1. I also didn’t read other books than first from the series 😀 I think I heard that Aelin is Celaena, though ^^
    I like the names, tho haha.
    And I still prefer Rohan over Rhysand ^^

    1. Yes, Aelin is Celaena 😀 , but I don’t know anything about the story. Only that she lost someone dear and falls in love with Rowan. 😀

      I saw that there is a new chapter on your blog, I will read it as soon as possible!!🖤

      PS: ahhh I still hope that you change your opinion about Rhys. Hehehe 🥰

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