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Mottos =)

The Moon Court motto:

“Under the Night’s Watch, We Shine Like Stars”

(BR: ‘Sob a Vigília da Noite, Brilhamos como Estrelas”).


The Court of Ereglond motto:

“In the Heart of Nature, We Stand as Stewards”

(BR: “No Coração da Natureza, Nós Nos Mantemos como Guardiões”.)


Morodoim motto:

“In Darkness We Reign, In Shadows We Thrive “

(BR:”Na Escuridão Nós Reinamos, Nas Sombras Nós Prosperamos”).


Itria motto:

“In Unity and Valor, We Protect the Realm”


(BR: “Em Unidade e Valor, Nós Protegemos o Reino”.)


I thought about including all the courts, but I didn’t develop any of them, so it was difficult to think of anything. Maybe in the future. ^^

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