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So far, I’ve managed to rewrite up to chapter 4, which is the chapter where Gareth’s village is destroyed. For now I paused and as soon as possible I’ll start chapter 5. But I already posted on deviantart up to the first part of chapter 2. I’m telling you in case you want to reread it. But don’t feel obligated, I know it’s difficult to keep up with so much and at the same time find time for your own projects and RL. ^^

(I’m not sure if I would say, rewrite since I made some modifications and changed the POV, but the content is practically the same. ^^)

I hope that the texts do not have any grammar errors and that they are written smoothly. It’s hard to see these things when I no longer have a Beta. (no one has more time and those who accept take a long time to give me news, I don’t have patience. lol)

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  1. A lot, wow! When I was rewriting from light version, it was completely new story :>
    I will start reading tomorrow :> I possibly won’t even see grammar errors lol.

    1. Yes, for several days I focused solely on rewriting the chapters. Practically all day, every day. But I needed to take a break because it was getting tiring and I wanted to continue the story. I’ll come back to rewrite later when I finish the current part or the next one. ^^

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