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Captive I – Dark cell


Aerin stirred, her senses slowly returning from the fog of unconsciousness. For a fleeting moment, she couldn’t remember where she was. Panic clawed at her chest as disorientation consumed her, but then the memories surged back with painful clarity. Absinthya’s threats to Eryone, her brother’s death at Niamh’s hands, the chaos and destruction.

With a gasp, her eyes widened in horror as she took in the bleak reality of her situation. She found herself in a place that felt like the stuff of nightmares. A place that felt as if it had been torn from the darkest pages of a storybook. A dank, dimly lit cell, cold and clammy, greeted her. The cold seeped into her bones, and the air was oppressively thick with the stench of damp stone, a miasma of mold and decay that clung to every breath she took. It felt like a place untouched by time, a sinister corner of a forgotten fairy tale.

Aerin’s heart hammered in her chest, and she scrambled to sit up, her hands trembling. The cell was small and confined, the walls damp and covered in moss and mildew. She shivered as she realized she was lying on a filthy rag of cloth, the only respite from the cold, hard stone beneath her.

The stone walls bore the scars of countless prisoners who had long since given up hope. Aerin strained to listen and could hear distant echoes of agonized cries and faint sobbing. It was the wailing of other prisoners, undoubtedly trapped in their own dismal cells. The realization that she was not alone in this nightmarish place offered no comfort; instead, it deepened her sense of isolation.

Her gaze fell upon an eerie sight in one corner. An ancient-looking skeleton, its bony hands still chained to the wall, rested in a dark corner. The chains were corroded with age, and the skeleton seemed to have been there for centuries – a relic of someone who had met an agonizing end in this forsaken cell.

Aerin’s breath quickened as she took in the grim details. There were no windows to offer a glimpse of the outside world, only a heavy wooden door, its small window reinforced with twisted iron vines.

The floor was worn and littered with debris. The mixture of shadows and flickering torchlight gave the cell an eerie, nightmarish quality. It was as if she had stepped into the dark heart of a tale from the most chilling fairy stories, one that no child should ever have to hear.

How did this happen? Aerin wondered, her mind racing with fear and confusion. How did I end up here? She tried to recall what had happened before she lost consciousness, but her memories were hazy and fragmented.

She remembered how Rohan had grabbed her, his grip tight. She remembered how she had struggled and fought, how she had tried to free herself from his hold. She remembered how she had heard Eryone and Galadel screaming her name, their voices full of panic and despair. She remembered how Absinthya had laughed wickedly, how she had raised her hand and unleashed a blast of dark magic that shook the tower. She remembered how Rohan had ensnared her and dragged her into the darkness. She remembered how everything had gone black, and then nothing.

Where is Caelia? Aerin wondered, her heart aching for her friend. Is she still alive? Aerin vividly recalled the harrowing moment when Absinthya’s monstrous soldiers disappeared, taking Caelia with them. Is she in another cell, or something worse? She felt a surge of guilt and sorrow as she thought of Caelia. I should have done something to save her, she berated herself.

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    1. Yes, I always listen to something. 😀 When I work on images, I listen to music that matches the character or situation. Or some song that I’m addicted to at the moment. lol
      When I write I prefer something calmer that doesn’t take away my concentration. Normally I listen to ambient sounds like this or calm instrumental music that helps me with the mood of the scene.

      This cell is going to get hot soon. hahahahaha ❤️‍🔥 *blushes*

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