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Captive III

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Aerin hesitated, her heart pounding in her chest as she reluctantly began to shed the garments that clung to her like a shield. She avoided looking directly at the two goblins, only catching glimpses of their twisted faces from the corner of her vision. They watched her with ravenous hunger, as if they wanted to devour her whole. Literally.

The cell was freezing, and as the cold air touched her bare skin, she couldn’t help but shiver. A wave of goosebumps rippled across her flesh, and her nipples hardened from the cold. She felt exposed, vulnerable in the presence of these vile creatures.

The goblin, who had been gnawing on a bone, licked his lips and spoke with a guttural voice, “That skin… so fair and soft. It will be a delicious treat.”

His companion snickered, his voice raspy and low. “Nymphs, they say, taste as sweet as wild berries.”

The expression on the second goblin’s face twisted grotesquely, as if he couldn’t wait to savor a piece of her. He took a step toward Aerin, and his clawed fingers grazed her leg, nearly tearing at her flesh.

Startled, she hastily backed away.

“Back off!” she cried, her voice quivering with terror.

The goblins erupted into eerie, shrill laughter, their sharp teeth gleaming in the dim light. It was a menacing sound, one that sent a chill down Aerin’s back.

She quickly slipped into the flimsy dress they had given her, a garment made of simple, delicate, and slightly faded white fabric. It left just enough to the imagination, its design bold. Thin straps barely clung to her shoulders, leaving her arms and the sides of her body exposed. The dress was fashioned with a deep V-neck, revealing a hint of her collarbone and the barest trace of her midriff, striking a balance between sensuality and modesty. The delicate fabric was thin but not transparent, teasing the contours of her form without fully unveiling her. It was slightly frayed at the edges, giving it a ragged, worn appearance, as if it had seen its share of despair and torment. She tightened the dress around her waist with a cord of frayed silver threads, doing her best to secure some semblance of modesty and dignity despite the vulnerability that clung to her like the chill seeping through the cell.

The goblin, who had been gnawing on the bone, still had a glint of hunger in his eyes. He mused, “I’ve never tasted nymph flesh before. Just a small piece, perhaps. What harm could it do?”

The other goblin hesitated, his voice filled with a sinister undertone, “She belongs to the queen, and we cannot harm her… yet.”

Aerin felt a surge of panic, and when she found her voice again, she pleaded with the goblins to stay away from her. “The queen will know, and you’ll be punished. Just leave me alone.”

Her fear was palpable, hanging in the air like a heavy fog, and one of the goblins couldn’t help but comment to his companion. “Do you smell that? Her fear is almost… intoxicating. It makes my hunger grow.”

Aerin swallowed hard, her throat dry as she listened to their conversation. Her wide eyes darted from one grotesque face to the other, unable to tear her gaze away. She was trapped in a nightmare with these grotesque creatures, and her every instinct screamed at her to escape. But there was no way out.

The other goblin sneered, revealing sharp, yellowed teeth. “I prefer to feel the flesh between my teeth,” he hissed, savoring the thought. “The warm blood running down my throat…it’s so much better.”

He took a menacing step in Aerin’s direction, causing her to press her back against the mossy wall once more. Her heart raced, and her breaths came in short, frantic gasps.The dampness of the wall against her bare skin sent shivers through her, and her vulnerability in the face of these monsters was suffocating.

The first goblin cursed at his companion, his voice a harsh whisper. “Be patient. The queen will reward us soon, perhaps with a finger… or an ear.”

Aerin couldn’t hold back her desperation any longer and asked, “What does Absinthya want with me? And where is my friend, Caelia?”

One of the goblins, with a sinister grin, responded, “Our queen has special plans for you, and none of them will be pleasurable, princess.”

The goblins burst into an eerie, discordant laughter that reverberated through the cell, sending a wave of icy dread coursing through Aerin’s veins. After their cruel amusement subsided, one of them added, “As for your friend, she’s currently providing our queen with some entertainment. But don’t worry, your turn will come soon enough, and we’ll feast upon your terror and agony.”

Aerin’s fury boiled over, and she couldn’t hold back her rage any longer. “You filthy monsters!” she spat at them, her voice laced with anger and desperation.

She longed for a weapon, anything to defend herself from the goblins’ insatiable hunger. She yearned for an opportunity to escape this living nightmare. She wished she had someone by her side, someone who cared for her, someone who would fight for her.

But she had nothing.

She was alone.

And she was afraid.



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