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Aerin Tarathiel



1. She is half fey (half elf – half nymph). Her mother is the nymph queen, Eryone. Her father is an elf – friend of fairies – and a great warrior, but today he is one of the wealthy merchants in the city of Príbora. Her stepmother has always treated her like a daughter, and she has an older half-sister, an elf named Brylla.


2. Aerin is romantic, dreamy, and loves to read. She is a brave young woman, but she is impulsive, stubborn, and very curious at times. She hates injustice and always tries to treat others with respect and kindness. Her sister, Brylla, is more practical and realistic than Aerin.


3. She knows how to use short swords, daggers, and only that. For now, she is not very good yet, but over time she will learn to use these weapons better and become a good rogue.


4. Being a bastard princess, she has noble blood, which already makes her more powerful than many high fey. But it doesn’t stop there… She is special and possesses even more important magical gifts, beyond what was inherited from her mother. But Aerin doesn’t know how to use her powers yet. Another thing she will learn in the future.


5. Her main powers are similar to Rohan’s, the difference is that hers is light and his is darkness.

(Hence the name of the story. 😉 )


6. She loves animals. :3


7. She hates crowded places and hates being the center of attention.


8. She possesses one of the three magical gems.


9. She found her mate. Literally bumped into him. 👀


10. She had a half-brother on her mother’s side who was murdered by their villainous cousin, Niamh.

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