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Rohan Berethryl

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1. He is incredibly handsome, but dangerous. He can be arrogant and cold , but he is loyal and selfless. He can be cruel and ruthless at times, especially when it comes to protecting his loved ones and his Court. However, he is also capable of great compassion and empathy. He can be impulsive at times, careless and sarcastic. He loves his friends from his inner circle.


2. Power has always flowed very strongly in his family and he showed signs of it from an early age. When his father died, his power passed to him, making him even more powerful. He had an older brother and an older sister, and they were all murdered by Murtagh and his father. Rohan was not prepared to rule, but his brother was, however fate wanted differently and he was forced to become High Lord of the Moon Court when his entire family was killed.


3. Because he became High Lord very early and without any preparation, he made many costly mistakes and wrong decisions . He caused the death of a childhood friend, something that to this day he still cannot forgive himself. He was responsible for many deaths (including children, women, etc.) when he became obsessed with hatred and revenge. Which earned him the reputation of a cruel and murderous monster. In fact, all the Elysians had/has this reputation.

4. He possesses one of three small magical gems.


5. He just found his mate. 👀


6. He is the youngest and most powerful HighLord on the continent. His main powers are: Darkness manipulation, mental control and invasion, Crossing/ Teleporting (Like every noble blood faerie in my story, he has the power to transport himself to a different location, including short and long distances.), Elysian Combat (he trained at the Elysian war camp since he was 10, and is very skilled in sword and hand-to-hand combat… After all, magic runs out at some point… He is one of the best, although his friend Galebor is much better than him in this regard.)


7. Like every High Lord, he has a bestial side. Literally. But he doesn’t like it very much. And he only shows his talons and raven wings. He loves flying.


8. He has a hobby. He paints when he wants to forget his problems and relax…or go somewhere special and calm to think.

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9. Rohan’s eyes are the most striking part of him. It is a very penetrating greyish blue, but it becomes bluer (sometimes so deep almost violet) when he is calm, relaxed and happy.

And they become more gray when he gets angry or irritated, sometimes almost silver or white, if he is VERY angry. They turn completely black when he is using the shadows (but only when he is using them with a lot of energy, they don’t always turn completely black.)

10. Elegil is the only High Lord he admires and listens to. But he is also very good friends with Helius Syllevel, the ruler of Thadria.



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