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New arc’s name

Although it will still take a while to finish this arc/book 1 of the story, I’m already thinking about the title for the next one. I also think it will have more chapters. I plan to show parts in Itria again, then more parts with Aerin on the road, and somehow she ends up in Alandrys aka The Moon Court, where most of the story will take place. At least in this arc 2. It’s roughly the direction I intend to follow.

So I thought of some names. Maybe:

A Dance of Shadows and Starlight,
or Of Shadows and Starlight,
or A Court of Shadows and Starlight.

But I think the last one sounds too much like Sarah J. Maas, and although I’m a fan of hers, I think it’s better not to go with that one. 😅 So I’m leaning more towards the first option. A Dance of Shadows and Starlight.

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  1. You have so many ideas :> I think the first is best too – I saw many people using “A Court of…” on their stories, and it was… recreative 😉

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