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Rhys VA

Lorian, I finally put the link here. It goes to my stash in DA. I tried for half an hour to put the little video here, but my internet is shit again and I just couldn’t do it. ugh! I had already put it there a few weeks ago, as an example of how I imagine Rohan’s voice. XD


The first voice is from Tamlin.
The one who says that Tamlin is the High Lord and she would be his wife is Lucien speaking.
The girl is Feyre.
And after “help me, help me, help me” is Rhys’ voice until the end. ❤️


Here is another link, to a preview of the audio book of A Court of Silver Flames.

His voice is so perfect for Rhys. ❤️(´♡‿♡`)



2 Comments on “Rhys VA”

  1. I think it would indeed fit Rohan 🙂 Very mysterious voice!
    And idk, but I don’t see the posts when you do them, I just saw this one… I wonder if it’s my server!

    1. I also sometimes miss your posts. ^^’ For example, I read the chapter with Leira (the first one with her and Lorian) out of order because I hadn’t seen the previous one, actually. It would be nice if there was a notification when there’s a new post. 😀
      But that’s ok. hehe ^^

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