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So, I’m going to start planning and writing the next chapter. 🙂 And in a few days, I think I’ll start posting. ^^

Some things about Rohan’s eyes…

I think they are the most striking part of him. It is a very penetrating greyish blue, but it becomes bluer (sometimes so deep almost violet) when he is calm, relaxed and happy.
And they become more gray when he gets angry or irritated, sometimes almost silver or white, if he is very angry.
They turn completely black (just like Lorian’s) when he is using the shadows (but using them with a lot of energy, they don’t always turn completely black)

When he is in his monster form (for lack of another word), I haven’t yet decided whether they stay completely black or become like the eyes of a bird, like a falcon or eagle, for example, but white. I haven’t decided yet. 😀
But he rarely transforms completely. He doesn’t like it. Normally only the talons are shown.

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  1. Black eyes always good 😀
    And he has monster for too :>

    Lorian has one, but not creature one, he is made of pure night and shadows.

    Can’t wait for another chapter!! This all turns out so well.

    1. Yes, a beast form with raven wings, half bird, half something else. As I take a lot from the ACOTAR universe, all Hight Lords turn into beasts. It’s very useful in battles…hehe Rhys has used his monster form during the battle in book 3. He and another High Lord.
      Tamlin was also the one who showed his beast side most often. 🙂

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