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I haven’t started writing yet. I got to a point where I didn’t think much and I needed to plan better. I have situations in my mind, but I don’t know how to get to them yet.
And there are some things that need to be explained and decided:

The prophecy.
Caelia (whether she lives or not)
Rohan’s power. – I talked to my friend a few months ago about how Abb managed to trap some of his power, but I don’t remember the details. Not even where I wrote it down. Because I’m the most disorganized person in the world. XD I need to find where I wrote this.

Abb’s ending. What will happen to her….We also talked about it, but I don’t remember the details or where I wrote it down. (again)

This part of the story is the end, but there are still several things that need to be resolved before I can close this part.

I don’t know, sometimes I have a hard time finding solutions. lol And a little laziness. =D

This is delaying the writing a little, but I’ll try to start writing something tonight. If I don’t get sleepy early. ^^’


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  1. Take as much time as you need 🙂 If you want to talk about the plot, I am here or in dA dms :>
    I know that when you come up with solutions, they will be great :> You improved tons.

    1. Hey Lorian! ^^

      It turned out that I didn’t write anything yesterday. But I’ll try today. It’s always difficult to start, but when I start, it’s like it warms up and things develop more easily.

      But I’m going to need your help with some questions about the ending. hehe Even if it’s just to know if the idea is good or terrible. XD

      Maybe the beginning will be easy to write, but towards the middle of the chapter, I think I’ll need an opinion or suggestion. 🙂

      Thanks!! ^_____^ 💜

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